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Transgender FlagThe Project is aware of the following groups and organizations that have served the transgender community in St. Louis over the years. Please assist us with edits and additional information. For historical research purposes, the Project is looking at those St. Louisans over the years who have lived lives as the opposite sex from which they were born. This topic is not about drag entertainment and cross dressing by people who identify as "straight."

Project Inventory:

St. Louis Gender Foundation

St. Louis Transgender

TG Today


Transgender Day of Remembrance In St. Louis

1986 - City of St. Louis "Cross Dressing/Masquerading Law" Overturned

Additional Resources:

Transgender History

Native Indian Transgender History

City of St. Louis Gender Protections

Rachel Ildeya Amratiel RFT Story

Liz E. LaVenture Vital Voice Story

Scott Matheis RFT Story

Robyn Carolyn Montague Vital Voice Story

Michelle Smith Biography


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