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1907 Medical Journal Report

Preface: Wild perverted homosexual parties on St. Louis' levee were the featured topic of Dr. Charles H. Hughes’s article in the November 1907 edition of the St. Louis-based medical journal Alienist and Neurologist. An “alienist” is a nineteenth century term for a psychologist or psychiatrist. Here is the full text of the 1907 article:

Homo Sexual Complexion Perverts in St. Louis, Note on a Feature of Sexual Psychopathy

By Dr. Charles H. Hamilton

"Male negroes masquerading in woman's garb and carousing and dancing with white men is the latest St. Louis record of neurotic and psychopathic sexual perversion. Some of them drove to the levee dive and dance hall at which they were arrested in their masters' auto cars. All were gowned as women at the miscegenation dance and the negroes called each other feminine names. They were all arrested, taken before Judge Tracy and gave bond to appear for trial, at three hundred dollars each, signed by a white man.

The detectives say that the levee resort at which these black perverts were arrested, is a rendezvous for scores of west end butlers, cooks and chauffeurs. Apartments in the house are handsomely furnished and white men are met there. The names of these negro perverts, their feminine aliases and addresses appear in the press notices of their arrest, but the names of the white degenerates consorting with .them are not given.

Social reverse complexion homosexual affinities are rarer than non reverse color affinities, yet even white women sometimes prefer colored men to white men and vice versa. Homosexuality may be found among blacks, though this phase of sexual perversion is not so common or at least has not been so recorded, as between white males or whrte females. I have recorded but one male instance in my own personal observation, viz: that of gentleman."

Source: Hughes, Charles Hamilton, The Alienist and Neurologist, Vol. 28, November 1907, 857 Olive Street, St. Louis, Missouri.

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