GAYThe Project is aware of the following community service organizations that have served the LGBT St. Louis community over the years. Please assist us with edits and additional information. A more detailed breakdown by topic is underway.

Project Inventory:

  • Bisexual Alliance of St. Louis
  • Blue Max MC
  • COLAGE-St. Louis
  • First Light-Exodus (Gay Conversion Group)
  • Gateway Married Mens Association
  • Gateway Sisters of Indulgence
  • Gateway MC
  • Gateway Stonewall Democrats
  • Gay Men's Social Group
  • GLSEN St. Louis
  • Growing American Youth
  • HRC-St. Louis
  • Lesbian Alliance
  • Log Cabin Republicans of St. Louis
  • Magnolia Committee
  • Mandrake Society
  • One Saint Louis
  • PFLAG St. Louis
  • Prime Timers
  • PROMO St. Louis (PREP)
  • St. Louis Business Guild
  • SAGE St. Louis
  • Show Me Bears
  • Show Me No Hate

Additional Resources: